Fade away

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Crasiest night ever. This weekend was perfect. I went to this frat party and did some shots of vodka wich was fun and I started getting hit on by all these guys. I got hit on by my friend I hadnt talked to in for ever, so we sat on the couch and started just talking. Then all of the sudden we just were hooking up. We had planned to crash at the house so but around two we both started to sober up, to fix this we went and smoked more bowls then i had ever had befor. when we walked back to the house it was locked except for the garage in the backyard. Inside was a black lit room that was covered in neon paint, and differnt colored lights. it was surreal.I though I had gotten high before, but it was nothing like this. We would spin around in circles for hours, or just kiss or just stare at the walls, It all felt like a memory that i didnt know how it ended, but i still couldnt controll? If that makes any sense?